Biography: With a long history of family musicianship & artistic talent from his mother’s (Adele Charter) *Underwood side and his father’s (John Wirkus) Joe Charter is equipped to face the challenges of his future head on! Through many generations of road bands from the 1800s to the early 1900s; to aspiring writers, arrangers and band leaders, it’s nowonder Joe Charter’s music delivers a professional & unique sound in the “Soft Rock” or “Pop” music industries. With awards from local and national songwriter contests throughout his career, Joe’s influences ranged from Neil Young, John Denver, David Gates & Everly Brothers through Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, & Areosmith. Bold vocals and soft melodies fill each of Joe Charter’s records, Joe Charter currently resides in Des Moines Iowa helping other original artist music out to the public., Woodwind Media Group is the publisher of all Joe’s music works. #joechartermusic

Joe Charter is seeking one artist to produce, promote and mentor

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Cash App Joe Charter Music