New Release Chipped Shoulder

Chipped Shoulder: Written and Produced by Joe Charter Records.
The song has a catchy feel , and the lyrics disclose the depth of my determination to be recognized for my art. I do not belong in a bar or pub setting, I belong on a Broadway musical, Las Vegas performance, or a venue where people actually appreciate original singers-writers. I have not spent my whole life perfecting my voice, my music and my talent to be criticized by a group of drunk people, sorry that is just how I feel. Bless your life going forward.
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Purple Theater was created and founded by Joe Charter Wirkus, a musician with roots in Nashville, Iowa, Illinois, and Nevada. He has been in the music industry over 30 years and has published a multitude of songs, Google “Joe Charter Music” Like many musicians, Charter held down a day job to support his passion. The platform included music video productions released to the public consistently over years and accelerated video equipment build up resulting in a music studio that can do audio and visual productions efficiently. The studio in Des Moines Iowa is called “Purple Theater” in which Charter will be hosting other local and regional musicians by producing these types of live music shows each and every week.
For many years I have produced music for the public. Even though sales are helpful such as downloads and other type of purchases the congress of the USA have made it more and more difficult for independent artists. Please consider helping me continue producing new material by making a quick donation. You will be rewarded by getting exclusive insights into my various missions and chances to critique new songs before they are released to the public. Please use this PAYPAL link here you would not believe how much this helps me. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on studio production equipment, instruments and so much more! God bless you for trying to help me with my goal to produce a “top ten” hit before I die!
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